Did You Just Get In A Collision And Don't Know Where To Take Your Vehicle? What To Know

26 February 2018
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Have you just gotten into an auto collision, and you have never had to have any type of major work done on your car? If so, you want to be sure that you find a good mechanical shop that can help you take care of your vehicle, and you want to check into some other things as well. Here are important tasks you have to consider.

Find out if You Have Collision Insurance

If you were looking to get the lowest rate on your auto insurance, you may not have gotten collision insurance. You want to call your insurance provider right away to see if you have this type of insurance, and if you do, what the deductible will be to get the car fixed. You want the repairs to be at least the cost of the deductible, and what your rates will increase for getting in an accident, to make a claim.

Find a Collision Repair Shop

You want to find a collision repair shop. This way you know there will be professionals in the shop that can fix both the body and the mechanical repairs that are needed. They will have to look at the surface and exterior damages, and then do a diagnostic check and get under the hood to see everything that is wrong. You want to know after you have paid for everything that the vehicle is safe and ready for the road.

Be Smart About Choosing a Shop

Not all shops are the same, and when you find a great shop that you trust you can continue to take your automobiles there for years into the future. Talk with the repair professionals to see if they have the following:

  • Better Business Bureau accreditation
  • Fully staffed licensed mechanics
  • Long-standing good reputation with the community

You have to be quick when looking into these things because the vehicle has to be towed to a location, and you want the work to begin right away so you can start driving again.

If the estimate for the repairs is far more than the vehicle is worth, you will have to decide if you want to fix the vehicle, or if you want to scrap it. You may also find someone that want's to buy it as a salvaged vehicle and repair it on their own. If the mechanical collision shop can do the work at a price you can afford, get the work done and restore the value of your car quickly.