Remove The Emblems – 1 Way To Cut The Cost Of Auto Body Repairs

19 January 2023
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Anytime you have to get auto body repair work done on your vehicle, you've already faced the issue that caused the damage – now to take on the repair work. How can you reduce the cost of auto body repairs on your vehicle? One way to cut costs is to remove the emblems from the vehicle yourself. Here, you'll learn how to safely do that to ensure they can be reused when the repair work is complete.

Gather Some Supplies

The supplies that you will need include:

  • Heat gun or hair dryer that has high heat
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Vaseline 
  • Sheet of cardboard
  • Digital camera
  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape

The three last items aren't necessary if you don't plan to reposition the emblems yourself.

Before You Get Started

One step that is crucial if you plan to reposition the emblems yourself is measuring and taking pictures of their placement before removal.

  • Use the tape to create guidelines on the vehicle.
  • Measure the distance from the body lines or lights (any permanent marker on the body).
  • Take lots of pictures to show the placement of each emblem including measurements.

Remove the Emblems

Now, it's time to get to work removing the emblems. Focus on one emblem at a time.

  • Use the heat gun to heat the adhesive backing on the emblem.
  • Use the plastic putty knife to peel the edges of the emblem.
  • Slowly work the emblem free of the vehicle. Be careful not to bend it – it could snap.
  • Use the tape to mark the emblem's original location.

Store the Emblems until Reapplied

The best way to store the emblems until they are ready to be put back on the vehicle is by taping them to a sheet of cardboard. You can then write down the location where the emblem was originally placed, the measurements needed to line it up perfectly, and take it with you to present to your auto body technician.

Remove the Remaining Adhesive

To remove any adhesive that remains on the vehicle, apply a little bit of Vaseline to a work rag and begin using circular motions to massage it away. Eventually, it will wipe right off with the rag and a bit of soapy water.

Talk with your local auto body repair technician to learn if this is a necessary step for you to save money and inquire about any money-saving offers they may have for your situation. To learn more about auto collision repair, reach out to a local service.