Answers To Help You Care For Your Tires

12 February 2018
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Caring for your car's tires can be important for both the performance of your vehicle along with the safety of those riding in it. Yet, tire care is a topic that can be easy for car owners to neglect. If you are finding yourself needing to learn more about this topic, there are several questions and answers that you may need to consider.

Why Should You Rotate And Balance Your Tires?

Rotating and balancing your tires is one of the tasks that will need to be done regularly if you are to preserve your tires. When individuals fail to have this type of maintenance done, it can be possible for the tires to suffer extremely uneven wear and tear. This can lead to the tires being far more vulnerable to suffering a structural failure that could put your vehicle at a higher risk of being in an accident. The frequency with which you will need to have this done can vary based on the type of tires you have, the make and model of your vehicle along with the amount of driving that you do. You may want to consult with your owner's manual to determine the officially recommended schedule for rotating and balancing your tires to ensure that you are minimizing the risk of them suffering uneven wear.

When Should You Check The Air Pressure Of Your Tires?

Car owners will often assume that the pressure in their tires will be consistent unless a leak forms. While a leak can cause the air pressure in the tires to rapidly decrease, this is not the only source of change for the air pressure. For example, dramatic temperature changes can also have an impact in this as these changes can contribute to the air inside the tire expanding or contracting. Due to this reality, you should have your tire pressure checked at each change of season so that you will know whether or not the tire needs its air adjusted.

Will Snow Chains Damage Your Tires?

Heavy snow can be a major problem during the winter, and car owners will need to use snow chains if they are to ensure their ability to safely travel when snow and ice strike their area. Unfortunately, some people will fail to realize that not all tires are compatible with snow chains. Prior to using snow chains, you should verify that your tires can support the use of the devices. Otherwise, you may inadvertently cause the tires to rupture.

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