Common Repairs That You May Need to Make on Your Truck

26 September 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Operating a truck every day puts a lot of wear and tear on the engine and running gear of the truck. Some things can go wrong with the truck and require you to take it in for repair. The following issues strongly suggest it's time for truck repairs.

Engine not Starting

One of the most common things that can happen with any truck is that the engine turns over but will not start. If the motor is turning over, the starter is fine, and the battery is good, but there could be a problem in the electrical system or the fuel system of the truck. 

The truck is going to need towing to a local shop so that the tech can look at the engine and diagnose the problem. In many cases, something like a fuel filter or a bad spark plug can keep the truck from running, but with modern engines, it is often easier for the technician at the shop to resolve then for you to fix at home. 

Transmission not Shifting

Another common issue that may bring your truck into the shop is a transmission problem. If you try to shift the truck into gear and if will not move, several things can be the cause. The transmission could be low on fluid if it is automatic. The clutch could be damaged on a manual transmission, or there could be damage to the transmission linkage that you did not know was there.

Modern transmissions are incredibly complex, and many of them are controlled by computers that optimize the timing of shifts and the way the transmission works. If the transmission with not engage or is acting up in some way, it is a good idea to take the truck in so the technician can troubleshoot the problem and get your truck back on the road. 

Engine Suddenly Stops Running

The engine may have started just fine, but if the engine suddenly stops running and will not restart with little to no warning of a problem, you may have any number of issues under the hood. Often the problem is related to fuel system problems or a lack of spark to fire the spark plugs. 

Check under the hood for anything obvious like a spark plug wire that is off or has burned through and is damaged. If you can not see an issue with a cursory inspection, your only choice may be to have the truck towed in for repair.